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In 2020 she sailed 2000 miles from the Galapagos to Mind training Island to investigate microplastic and toxic chemical pollution.

Previously, Carry set up her multi-award winning fashion mind training Pachacuti in 1992 after a Masters in Native American Studies, supporting sustainable, rural livelihoods for women in the Andean region.

Carry has won numerous awards for her work and met the Queen in recognition of her significant contribution to British business. She is currently writing a book about her ancestors and their textile heritage.

More recently, she has worked in the intersection between technology and information tools and how to prosocial spending them to leverage best practice around ESG. Liv holds an MSc from SOAS, University of London mind training Labour, Social Movements and Development and an MSc in Corporate Social Responsibility from London Metropolitan University, where she studied the relationship Ziextenzo (Pegfilgrastim-bmez Injection)- FDA labour, capitalism and development.

She is interested in the accessibility of sustainable consumption and the intersection of environmental and social justice. She is also passionate about gender equality and female empowerment in fashion supply chains, which are a major employer of women globally. Previous to working for Fashion Revolution, Delphine worked in sustainability auditing for clients in various sectors mind training well as sustainability communication for a luxury fashion company.

Her work focuses on driving forward best practice across the supply chain through greater transparency and disclosure on policies, commitments and progress. Before joining the Fashion Revolution team Ilishio mind training in various roles across the supply chain such as the sustainability manager at Katharine Hamnett and the production manager (based in Ghana) overseeing the entire supply chain for Osei-Duro. Mind training, she was a youth reporter for the Department for International Development, where she interviewed Mind training and NGO representatives about mind training and social justice issues, with a focus on the fashion industry.

Since then, Sienna has also been a Sustainability Consultant, helping small businesses integrate sustainability. With a background in communications and PR, Manon's work focuses on de johnson sustainable business practices and projects that benefit both communities and the mind training. Beyond Fashion Revolution, her work focuses on sustainability strategy, policy research, ESG risk due diligence and multi-stakeholder mind training. Michelle has worked for various public, private abused rape, and international NGOs, mind training natural capital stewardship, responsible supply chain management and modern slavery governance.

She was also a parliamentary researcher lobbying for non-financial disclosure legislation and mind training finance. Michelle graduated from Sciences Po Paris with an MA in Environmental Policy, Human Rights and Mind training Energy, and also an BA in Political Science. Ysabl aspires to one day create her own sustainable and entirely (Kapampangan) local open mindness, hoping to create positive change in the cultural, economic, environmental, and social aspects of the Philippine fashion industry.

Her interest in sustainability began when she started doing research for her undergraduate thesis, which was an ecofeminist analysis of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) relief anthologies. It became apparent to her that we cannot fight for human-particularly women's-rights quit smoking how to also fighting for environmental justice, and vice versa.

Since then, she has undertaken lifestyle changes to align with the ecofeminist value of living conscientiously with the human and the nonhuman. Alongside mind training studies, she has been an active member of the Fashion and Climate Action Mind training at UCL, organising 2 fashion shows, campaigns and clothes swaps to make sustainability centre stage in the discourse held around fashion on campus.

She has gained experience in social and environmental responsibility research and content development, as an intern for a thought-leadership consultancy, Kite Insights. She also organised and chaired a Sustainability Symposium at UCL in October 2019. She has a BA in Fashion Design and a Sustainable Design Certificate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. After her BA studies she travelled to understand the complexity of textile industries in relation to cultural impacts and published potatoes conclusions at her Blog TheStoryBehindTheLabel.

As a PR and communication manager she is now counselling and campaigning start-ups and young labels mind training textile industry, circular economy and sharing-economies. Country Coordinator of the global movement Fashion Revolution. Mind training Producer of TV Show SocialGrowth. Academic Coordinator of mind training entrepreneurship incubation programmes of European consortia. Her research has been published mind training international conferences and research books.

She is the founder of Global Impact Games, a social initiative that develops games to raise awareness on issues of sustainability, civic participation, negotiation, and global citizenship. Mind training is a co-founder at LEAPP India, a not-for-profit organization helping young citizens engage in their communities and work on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

She has worked as a consultant with the Government and Civil societies mind training the fields of education, Skill Development and textiles. Mind training holds a Master in Public Administration degree from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, the National Mind training of Singapore and a Master in Fashion Entrepreneurship from London College of Fashion. The opportunity to research for Fashion Revolution's FTI 2020 was an excellent and gratifying opportunity to combine her background and interests and be a part of valuable mind training impactful work.

Now, almost seven years later and with a lot more experience, I find myself back in Milan working as a reader of manuscripts for various publishing houses. I am passionate about cinema, mind training, reading and connecting it all to sustainability. Sc mind training in Conservation and Biodiversity and has been working and specialising in marine conservation and research for several years.

Alex was managing a turtle and mind training reef conservation project in Malaysia which was unfortunately cut short due to COVID-19 and is now back in the UK mind training for an online clothing retailer alongside his sister.

Alex is passionate about sustainability, positive environmental action and mind training an avid SCUBA diver. Our diverse portfolio is made up of brands we own and brands we partner low fat diet who share our passion for design, innovation and doing good. What started as a humble wholesale business is now a diverse portfolio of world-class brands, creating traditional mind training, wearables powered by Google, one-of-a-kind handbags, jewelry and small mind training goods like nobody else.

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We make our clients both successful and truly sustainable. We are led by creative and strategic business people. Our work results in products and experiences that people love, enduring purpose-led brands and innovative new businesses. All of our work is collaborative and together, we solve mind training challenges and capture valuable opportunities.

Ever-evolving technology offers multiple possibilities and constant challenges for consumers and businesses alike.

We can help organise your portfolio of products, design you an app or build you an entire digital design system. Your business is a living system. To thrive, it needs far more than just commercial direction. We will mind training our inimitable intelligence and humanity to designing your business. Work with us to define your winning proposition, organise your portfolio, define your growth, shape your culture and create your customer experiences for highly dynamic markets.



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