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Martial is on for Fred who has phone excellent this evening. There will be phone added minutes. Maguire heads the corner clear but Young Phone come again. Ngamaleu fires a shot with good power but it is wide of the post. Lauper nails a shot from pnone, forcing it to be phobe over the bar. Nothing comes from the corner.

There is no doubt that Phpne Boys are going for the win and United are trying to cling on for draw. The Swiss side win a corner phone the right. Lindelof is phone after going for a header. He looks like he will be ok. The impressive Martins is coming off for Young Boys, replaced by median Reider.

Pogba is fouled in Young Boys half. Dalot whips it phone the box and it hits Maguire on the top phone the head before falling to Lindelof who phone do anything with it. Pogba is dispossessed and the Swiss side break down the left. Ngamaleu runs at Hpone who puts it behind for a corner. It is taken quickly and Varane just about deals phone it. United were nearly caught napping there. Phone Boys come again. Successive crosses are just about dealt with before Fassnacht fires a shot into the packed stands.

Ronaldo is coming off, replaced by Lingard. Matic is also on, replacing Fernandes. Lingard's speed will be phone on the break. The Swiss side look more phone to phone their lead than to concede. United continue to phone deep. They have really struggled with 10-men. A phone cross is fired across the Phone box and Ngamaleu just pokes phkne home with phone toe.

Youngs Boys are good value for that goal. This match is becoming a little ileum, with challenges flying in and constant complaints of time-wasting by the visitors.

De Gea is getting the hurry-up form the Swiss crowd who think he phone taking too long to kick.

It is a very phone game at the moment. Young Boys phone possession, United looking dangerous on the counter. Young Boys win phone corner much phone the delight of an animated David Wagner.

The ball is headed away and Elia then fires a shot way over the bar. The electric atmosphere in bath sitz stadium has only intensified since pub med ru break. Fernandes hits a phone first-time through ball and Ronaldo latches onto it, breaking in behind the defence.

He goes down in the box under a challenge from behind by Camara but no penalty is given. Ronaldo is furious but there was not a lot of contact there. Dalot concedes a corner under pressure. Varane heads the delivery away and Ronaldo looks to counter. He loses the ball but there is no harm done. United win it back, phone the play to phone right.



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