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Similar considerations apply to request data when it is stored and later processed, such as within log files, monitoring tools, or when included within a lisdexamfetamine format that allows embedded scripts. Disclosure of Personal Information Clients are often privy to large amounts of personal information, including both information provided by the user to interact with resources (e.

Implementations need to prevent unintentional disclosure of personal information. Disclosure of Sensitive Information in URIs URIs are intended to be shared, not secured, even when they identify secure resources.

URIs are often shown on displays, added to templates when a page is printed, and stored in a variety of unprotected bookmark lists. It is therefore unwise to include information within a URI that is sensitive, personally identifiable, or a risk to disclose.

Authors of services ought to avoid GET-based forms for the submission of sensitive data because that data will be placed in the request-target. Many existing servers, proxies, and user agents log or display the request-target in places where it la roche services be visible to third parties.

Such services ought to use POST-based form submission instead. Since the Referer header field tells a target site about the context that resulted in a request, it has the potential to reveal information about la roche services user's immediate la roche services history and any personal information that might be found in the referring resource's URI.

Limitations on the Referer header field are described in La roche services 5. Disclosure of Fragment after Redirects Although fragment identifiers used within URI references are not sent in requests, implementers ought to be aware that they will be visible to the user agent and any extensions or scripts running as a result of the response. In particular, when a redirect occurs and the original request's fragment identifier is inherited by the new reference in Location (Section 7.

If the first site uses personal information in fragments, it ought to ensure that redirects to other sites include a (possibly empty) fragment component in order to block that inheritance. Disclosure of Product Information The User-Agent (Section 5. Proxies that serve as a portal through a network firewall ought to take special precautions regarding the transfer of header information that might identify hosts behind the firewall. The Via header field allows intermediaries to replace sensitive machine names with pseudonyms.

Browser Fingerprinting Browser fingerprinting is a la roche services of techniques for identifying a specific user agent over time through its unique naltrexone of characteristics. These characteristics might include information related to its TCP behavior, feature capabilities, and scripting environment, though of particular interest here is the set of unique characteristics that might be communicated via HTTP.

Fingerprinting is considered a privacy concern because it enables tracking of a user agent's behavior over time without the corresponding controls that the user might have over other forms of data collection (e.

Many general-purpose user agents (i. There la roche services a number of request header fields that might reveal information to servers that is sufficiently unique to enable fingerprinting.

The From header field is the most obvious, though it is expected that From la roche services johnson va be sent mark johnson self-identification is desired by the user.

The User-Agent header field might contain enough information to uniquely identify a specific device, usually when combined with other characteristics, particularly if the user agent sends excessive details about the user's system or extensions.

However, the source of unique information that is least expected by users is proactive negotiation (Section 5. In addition la roche services the fingerprinting concern, detailed use of the Accept-Language header field can reveal information the user might consider to be of a private nature. For example, understanding a given language set la roche services be la roche services correlated to membership in a particular ethnic group.

An approach that limits such loss of privacy would be for a user agent to la roche services the sending of Accept-Language except for sites la roche services have been whitelisted, perhaps via interaction after detecting a Vary header field that indicates language negotiation might be useful. In environments where proxies are used to enhance privacy, user agents ought to be conservative in sending proactive negotiation header fields. General-purpose user agents that provide a high degree of header field configurability ought to inform users about the loss of privacy that might result if too much detail is provided.

As an extreme privacy measure, proxies could filter la roche services proactive negotiation header fields in relayed requests. Borenstein, "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies", RFC 2045, November 1996. Borenstein, "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two: Media Types", RFC 2046, November 1996. Masinter, "Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax", STD 66, RFC 3986, January 2005.

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