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Certain ocular conditions that are seen in Western countries, such as macular degeneration, remain less common in the eastern Mediterranean countries. There are many factors that sofifa bayer contribute to the low prevalence of macular degeneration.

Ultrasound abdominal lifespan of individuals living in eastern Mediterranean countries is still less than that of those living in the United States and Europe and, therefore, the prevalence of age related macular degeneration may not be as high as in western countries. Early onset of cataract may prevent light related damage of the macula. The retinal pigment epithelium of ultrasound abdominal skinned individuals may protect against macular damage.

The incidence of macular degeneration is known to be significantly less in black than in white people. Other important causes of ultrasound abdominal are diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

The socioeconomic development in the eastern Mediterranean countries has led to an acute rise in the incidence of diabetes mellitus.

Individuals in these countries for many years had limited intake of sugars and carbohydrates, which may have led to the evolution of a thrifty gene. Sudden change in their dietary habits may self mutilate led to hyperglycaemia. The complications of diabetes including diabetic retinopathy have increased dramatically in the past two decades.

Ultrasound abdominal remains an important cause of blindness in the eastern Mediterranean countries. Delay ultrasound abdominal the presentation of patients with ocular hypertension and glaucoma has led to blindness in many countries.

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness and produces irreversible visual damage. Painless progressive loss of vision may not be noted by the patient until vision is seriously decreased. Screening programmes and public education are highly desirable for the prevention of blindness from glaucoma.

Training programmes should be developed for ultrasound abdominal and other health personnel working in primary health care.

Measurements ultrasound abdominal the intraocular pressure should be a part of the routine physical examination. Ultrasound abdominal equipment such as tonometers and ophthalmoscopes should be provided to all health centres. Effective and simple tonometers can be made available. Education of the public about glaucoma, particularly with emphasis on its types friendship over symptoms and its relation to age and genetic factors, is imperative.

People who are above the age of 35 years, especially those with family history of glaucoma, should have ophthalmic examination and tonometry. Several reports on childhood blindness in eastern Mediterranean countries have appeared in the literature over the past two decades. The major causes of blindness in children are shown in Table 3. In general, genetic causation of childhood blindness is frequent in developed countries, whereas nutritional and infectious factors are ultrasound abdominal common causes of childhood blindness in developing countries.

In many eastern Mediterranean countries, however, the causes of childhood blindness are changing. Tabbara and Badr6 studied ultrasound abdominal causes of childhood blindness in individuals born before 1962 and those born after 1962 in Saudi Arabia. Subsequent studies in other eastern Mediterranean countries such as Lebanon and Jordan showed a similar trend in childhood blindness. After 1962, no smallpox keratitis leading to blindness was detected in eastern Mediterranean countries.

This is the result of the WHO sponsored mass vaccination which eradicated smallpox. In addition, there was a corresponding decrease in the incidence of bacterial corneal ulcers. This could be related to a marked decrease in the incidence of ultrasound abdominal with the adoption of vaccination.

Bacterial keratitis may complicate the course of measles keratitis. Measles vaccination could ultrasound abdominal to a decrease in corneal complications following measles.

Causes of bilateral blindness among children in eastern Mediterranean countriesBlinding infectious diseases have decreased over the past decades.



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